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David Abraham Kicks Off Wonderhood Studios With Senior Hires As Ex-C4 Boss Looks To Merge TV & Advertising

“I felt the consolidation models within television and advertising were running their course and weren’t necessarily optimizing the creative output of talent, whether it was crunching production companies together into larger and larger groups with more and more debt,” he said. Wonderhood Studios aims to sell TV shows to the big broadcasters in the UK and U.S. as well as competing with the big advertising agencies to win accounts. “The principal is not to force people to work exclusively together on projects that are ad-funded programming, because I don’t think we’ve arrived at a good model for branded content, most of it is pretty bland. But if you took the very top people in the ad world, and put them in a room with some of the people who have created the most interesting TV shows, then I think in terms of influencing and supporting each other in a Pixar-style, peer review approach, we’ve got a better chance of coming up with ideas that can cut through in markets that are quite separate,” added Abraham, who founded creative advertising agency St. Luke’s before moving into TV. The company will start with factual and entertainment with Antiss using her chops developed on series such as Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby and Life and Death Row and Lorenz coming on board having worked on series including Pompeii: New Secrets Revealed with Mary Beard and Popstar to Opera Star. It will then move into scripted. Abraham also believes that over the next few years there are opportunities to work with the global SVOD platforms, which currently do not participate in branded content.

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