Some Basic Tips On Root Aspects For Nightwear

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over airport killing left right Yun Byung-se, Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Korea, addresses the Conference on Disarmament at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland February 28, 2017. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse 1/2 left right Yun Byung-se, Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Korea, addresses the Conference on Disarmament at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland February 28, 2017. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse 2/2 By Stephanie Nebehay and Joseph Sipalan | GENEVA/KUALA LUMPUR GENEVA/KUALA LUMPUR South Korea called for "collective measures" to punish North Korea for using chemical weapons to kill the estranged half-brother of its leader Kim Jong Un, as Malaysia said on Tuesday it would charge two women with murder over the airport attack. Police have said the women smeared VX nerve agent, a chemical on a United Nations list of banned weapons of mass destruction, on Kim Jong Nam's face in an assault captured on security cameras in the Malaysian capital's airport on Feb. 13. Speaking at the U.N.-backed Conference on Disarmament (CD) in Geneva on Tuesday, South Korea's Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se said the use of chemical weapons was a "wake-up call" and the international community should act - including possibly suspending the isolated North's seat at the United Nations. North Korea has rejected allegations of its involvement in the killing of Kim Jong Nam, but U.S. and South Korean officials believe he was the victim of an assassination orchestrated by Pyongyang. "Many international media pointed out that North Korea's use of chemical weapons for the targeted killing in a third country sent a very clear message to the world," South Korea's Yun told the Geneva forum. "Namely this impulsive, unpredictable, trigger-happy and brutal regime is ready and willing to strike anyone, anytime, anywhere." North Korea's delegation at the conference told Reuters it would respond to Yuns speech later on Tuesday. Malaysian police arrested a Vietnamese woman, Doan Thi Huong, and an Indonesian, Siti Aishah, in the days after the attack.

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