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Lord Willetts saying: We show pensioner incomes are £20 a week better off than working-age incomes Reality Check verdict: The calculation made by the Resolution Foundation is for household income after housing costs. Before housing costs are taken into account, working-age households still have higher incomes than pensioner households. News that pensioner households are now better off than working-age families was widely reported on Monday. There have been reports for some time that incomes for pensioners have been growing faster than those for working-age people, largely as a result of pensions being protected by the triple-lock, while many working-age benefits have been frozen. The triple-lock guarantees that pensions rise by the same as average earnings, the consumer price index, or 2.5%, whichever is the highest. But the report from the Resolution Foundation was the first suggestion that the retired had actually overtaken the working-age group. The figures referred to the "typical pensioner household", by which it meant the median, which is the household for which half of pensioner households have higher income and half of them have lower incomes. In this case, a pensioner household is ชุดแต่งงาน pantip one in which at least one member is of pension age or older (65 for men, 64 for women) whether or not that person is working. There can also be working people in a pensioner household. But the important factor that has been mentioned little in the coverage is that the measure of income that the Resolution Foundation is using is one for income after housing costs have been paid.

The bride was a 22-year-old Jewish girl from Poland, Bela Banesz, who was deported by the Nazis from Lodz to Oswiecim, the Polish name for Auschwitz. British Army chaplain Major I. Levy officiated the wedding at the Lorenz Hotel in Brunswick (Braunschweig). In 1957, Turkeys chief rabbinate said no to guests kissing the bride and groom at the end of wedding ceremonies The synagogue was not a proper place for kissing, ruled the countrys chief rabbinate, banning a universal custom of kissing the couple after the marriage ceremony. The decision was announced in every synagogue in Turkey. Well-wishers were instructed to line up to shake the hands of the bride and groom, as a long line of well-wishers waiting to kiss the couple was said to annoy the newlyweds. In 1977, Syrian Jewish women married American Jews by proxy so they could emigrate to the U.S. Following Israels War of Independence in 1948, Jews in Syria werent allowed to leave. However, a plan by which 12 Syrian Jewish women married Syrian Jewish men who were living in Brooklyn, by way of a proxy, allowed them to leave the country to unite with their husbands.

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