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He also showed cellphone photos of a smiling Zeenat wearing a red dress. Khan told Pakistani media that his wife had only returned to her own family for a visit after being assured it would be a celebration of her marriage, and she would not be harmed. He said he agreed reluctantly to let her return Akhtar, the a local police official, said Parveen confessed to killing เช่าชุดไทย เพื่อนเจ้าสาว ราคาถูก by ขวัญ her daughter with the help of her son Ahmar. He quoted the woman as saying I dont have any regrets. Another police officer, Ibadat Nisar, said the body showed signs of beating and strangulation. For generations now in Pakistan, theyve called it honor killing , carried out in the name of a familys reputation. The killers routinely invoke Islam, but rarely can they cite anything other than their belief that Islam doesnt allow the mixing of sexes. Even Pakistans hard-line Islamic Ideology Council, which is hardly known for speaking out to protect women, says the practice defies Islamic tenets. It doesnt matter: in slums and far-off villages, away from the cosmopolitan city centers, people live in a world where religion is inextricably tied to culture and tradition, where tribal councils can order women publicly punished, and a family can decide to kill one of its own, even to avenge a wrongdoing committed by someone else. In the vast majority of cases, the honor killer is a man and the victim is a woman. She is a sister who falls in love with a man not of her familys choosing. She is a daughter who refuses to agree to an arranged marriage, sometimes to a man old enough to browse around these guys be her father.

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Communities Secretary - Sajid Javid Remain campaigner Image copyright AFP/Getty Sajid Javid is moved sideways from business secretary to secretary of the department for communities and local government. Mr Javid, considered a protege of former chancellor George Osborne's, held the culture secretary position before being appointed to the business role last year and is a former managing director of Deutsche Bank. The 46-year-old University of Exeter graduate stood on a "joint ticket" with Stephen Crabb for the leadership election, hoping to be chancellor if Mr Crabb had become PM. Staying put Defence Secretary - Michael Fallon Remain campaigner Michael Fallon has kept his job at the Ministry of Defence - a position the 64-year-old has held since 2014. He was Conservative MP for Darlington from 1983 to 1992 - initially during Margaret Thatcher's time in Downing Street - and after leaving Parliament, he was later re-elected as MP for Sevenoaks in 1997. A former Conservative Party deputy chairman, he has previously served as energy and business minister, and before that secretary of state for business and enterprise. Seen as a safe pair of hands in Westminster, he described himself as a "pretty reluctant Remainer" after the EU referendum. Health Secretary - Jeremy Hunt Image copyright Getty Images Despite earlier speculation, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt remains in his post. The 49-year-old was appointed culture secretary in David Cameron's first coalition government, a role he held for two years - including while London played host to the 2012 Olympic Games.

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